No News is Not Good News

Sadly, on Monday afternoon I started running a fever. By Monday evening I was at 103*. I’m on mega-antibiotics with an extremely nasty sore throat and having a rough time of it.

I can’t talk, my throat hurts too much. I’m freezing cold most of the time (short hair + bare neck, +  fever = bad combo for warmth). I sleep only an hour or two at a time then have to drink water and/or empty the bladder. I’ve also been having a problem with my breathing — I’ve stopped breathing a couple of times. Very scary. Very likely due to the swollen throat (at least, I’ve never had a problem with sleep apnea before.)

I can only eat very soft foods and liquids. Oatmeal is difficult. So, silver lining in that I’ve lost 3 pounds since the weekend.

I’m on day three of the antibiotics and I am still running a fever (granted, it’s only 99.4 now.) It just doesn’t take me this long, normally, to get well. Another subtle side effect of chemo.

Let’s keep in mind that next Wed is my 2nd session.

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