Broke my streak (life update)

It took almost 18 months, but I finally broke my write-a-blog-post-every-week streak. Ah well, guess I’m not perfect.*

To be fair, breaking the streak meant traveling to Paris, San Francisco, and then Georgia within a month, along with some personal things that I’m not ready to share here (yet), so it wasn’t anything small that broke the mold.

So, here I am, catching up a bit.

I love Paris and its people, I’ve never had a problem getting along and fitting in. This time I had the space and alone-ness to be able to notice that it is not a very spiritually fulfilling city for me. Now, 1000s of Catholics would probably disagree with me, but that is their spirituality, not mine. I like Paris for its history and food, art and culture . . . not for the sense of Deity hidden in every stone, or within each tree. (That would be Ireland, or Italy for me.)

So I have wonderful memories, but no plans to return for a bit — there are other things to see first.

San Francisco was great, as seeing family always is, and I do like the city. That said, family drama kept me from seeing friends and that irritated me. Occasionally I end up in a space where my time is taken for granted as being fluid and unscheduled, so everyone else’s needs come first. That’s my issue to solve, and I will, going forward. One thing J. and I ended up doing was seeing our nephew, Cr. perform at his school. The kindergartners we like something out of the movie Parenthood, and the school itself is very swanky. As much as we adore our nephew, we remain very glad to be childless by choice.

Georgia was for work. No more to say about that.

Now I’m into the silly season and getting things done around that theme. Presents are wrapped, and things for people far away will be mailed this week. I’m feeling good about the variety of gifts (no theme for that this year) we’re sharing with people. But I think next year will be donations to various organizations instead of things. Yes, I am in fact thinking about xmas 2017. Just this past weekend we decorated the house and set up the tree.

It’s our 2nd year of placing the tree in the hall, and this might just become our ‘go to’ each year. It looks good, doesn’t interfere with cat travelways around the room (as having it in the LR will do), and makes the whole house smell like pine.

*and if you thought I was, you don’t actually know me.


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