Fitness Update: Nov 4-10, 2012

My good friend Jeremy is participating in the Morning Mile Challenge. For a variety of reasons, I am not (notably, I need every bit of sleep, and I’m on the road at 5:30am to get to work). But I like the idea, and J. is on board with it as well. So on the days I am not already working out, we walk a mile with Sasha in the morning.

I’m also going to try posting it here, in the public eye, to see if that will help keep me on track with my plans.

This week . . .

Sunday: climbed a ramp and lots of stairs for an estimated 30 mins of cardio; also walked a mile in the morning

Monday: Walked a mile in the morning

Tuesday: Muay Thai — 30 mns (I was very tired, and we were both distracted so although I spent an hour there, I was not going at it the whole time.)

Wednesday: Pilates (reformer) — 60 mins

Thursday: nothing 🙁

Friday: Walked a mile in the morning

Satuday: Walked 1/2 a mile in the morning  (took a spill and potetnially pulled a muscle in my leg — took it easy the rest of the day)


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