How it works

Spend a day discussing hiring for a new position.

Spend a day crafting the job description and getting ‘buy in’.

Spend a few hours crafting a job posting. Make sure ad specifies three specific qualities we are looking for and the  three elements that are absolutely required to be considered.

Post the ad in two (appropriate) categories on craigslist at 6:07pm.

At 6:17pm receive first response.

At 6:18pm note that candidate lacks any qualifications and did not include two of the three required elements.

At 6:48 receive 2nd response; see note for 6:18pm.

Craft a form response:

Dear Candidate,

Your inability to read our advertisement and provide the required elements means that we will not even look at your resume.

You have wasted our time and succeeded only in demonstrating that you are either sending your resume to any posting to maintain unemployment benefits, or you have no idea what your skills are and what job you are trained to do.

You need all the luck in the world to find a job.

Delete response as being too cruel.

Craft a form response:

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our listing for an **. However, your background and/or skill set is not appropriate for this position.

Good luck in your job search.

Save to folder and prepare to send out with every batch of 10 resumes.

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