PhotoHunt: Undesirable

I *had* nothing to post this week. . . then my sweetie reminded me of this:


It’s a bas-relief from the British museum, of the fall of Ninevah (Assyria). Photo taken in April 2007. The two men are being tortured, skinned alive actually.

I would say that being skinned alive is undesirable. I wonder what other photohunters will conjure up?

18 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Undesirable

  1. Annie

    Great take on the theme. Definitely undesirable to be skinned alive, but I did enjoy seeing the photo of that work of art.

    Thanks for visiting mine and have a nice weekend.

  2. YTSL

    *Really* undesirable. And to think people once thought it so wonderful to do to others that it gets commemorated in an art work (of, presumably, the side that did the torturing)!

  3. John

    The “best” part is that, unless the historians are wrong, that didn’t start off as art, it started off as a newspaper. GAH!

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