I’m doing all right

Mostly. There’s some other potential drama/news in my life that I’m not going to share until it resolves itself, and that is (literally) depressing me.

I’m on the verge of a cold, which means I am staying home from work to get over rather than give into.

I’m making progress on completing my will and medical directive. (Which aren’t *hard* to, but are complicated by my intellectual assets. And no, I don’t mean my brain 🙂 thanks for asking.) There’s a longer post coming, but the short version would be: what do I do with the Tradition I created, my magickal writings, my ritual implements, and my websites full of data? Particularly since my life partner isn’t pagan.

So I am doing well. Then a friend had the following video posted as a comment. And I bawled.

Kate Bush: This Woman’s Work (video)

4 thoughts on “I’m doing all right

  1. lisa Post author

    Things sneak up on me. Some are very obvious, like my Samhain post (which I wrote now, not knowing how I’ll be feeling then). It’s a tear-jerker, designed to be. So it took me 3 weeks to write, and was exhausting because of the tears.

    As always, death is not a big deal for me. I say that easily, knowing I have decades to go yet. But I also say it easily — it comes, it is not to be feared (or welcomed) although the manner may be problematical.

    I am a lot more concerned with getting things done. I have a lot on my plate, and not enough time to make sure its taken care of, even if that just means someone else will take care of it for awhile. I’m already telling myself that its OK if I don’t get it all done. (It doesn’t work, but I’m told it’s healthy.)

  2. Diana

    There are a lot of resources to help people in your position right now. And if you need an ear to bend, let me know – I think you still have my phone number.

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