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I’m doing all right

Mostly. There’s some other potential drama/news in my life that I’m not going to share until it resolves itself, and that is (literally) depressing me.

I’m on the verge of a cold, which means I am staying home from work to get over rather than give into.

I’m making progress on completing my will and medical directive. (Which aren’t *hard* to, but are complicated by my intellectual assets. And no, I don’t mean my brain 🙂 thanks for asking.) There’s a longer post coming, but the short version would be: what do I do with the Tradition I created, my magickal writings, my ritual implements, and my websites full of data? Particularly since my life partner isn’t pagan.

So I am doing well. Then a friend had the following video posted as a comment. And I bawled.

Kate Bush: This Woman’s Work (video)