Oysters I Like

The oysters of my youth were huge things, briny and thick — I hated them and couldn’t see why people made such a fuss over them.

Like so many things about the PNW, however, the oysters here are profoundly different. And I’ve come to love so many of them.

First and foremost are the Shigoku: sweet, plump little morsels. I can eat dozens, easily.

Kumamoto’s plump and buttery pillows follow close behind, however.

Kusshi oysters are a delightful treat; they are mild and sweet with just a touch of brine.

Runners up: Baywater Sweets and Penn Cove — both are fine, although not as outstanding to my palate as the others.

More rarely found, Wolf Beach oysters are great.


Edit: just had Zen oysters from British Columbia –fabulous!  a lot like Kusshis.

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