Outrageous and un-American

For a variety of reasons I am outraged that our political representatives turned out to be such a bunch of woosies and passed FISA. So I signed a petition with the ACLU (and yes, I am a member, have been for years). Turns out I’m one of 65,000 people who did so, and although my name isn’t on the ad, I’m listed on their website as a supporter.

The ACLU and the EFF get my money because they are fighting for our *already guaranteed* freedoms.


I also urge you to add your support by using the link below the text the ACLU asked me to pass along to my friends.


Did you know that Congress has signed away our right to privacy?

It’s true! By making FISA law, the President and Congress have made it legal for US agencies to spy on our text messages, email, and phone calls to people outside the US, without any cause, reason or warrant. Does that sound like a right to privacy to you?

Help the ACLU overturn FISA by sharing your message of support now!



Thanks for taking a stand!

The ACLU Online Team

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