Subtle Funk

Alas, the title has nothing to do with music. I realized yesterday that I have fallen into a funk, not quite a depression, but heading in that general direction. A precursive sensibility of malaise has fallen over me.

I call it ‘subtle funk’.

My warning sign? I’ve been losing track of things — objects lost or misplaced and tasks forgotten. About a month ago I lost a set of keys. No big deal, everyone does it, right? Everyone except me. In 40 years I have never — NEVER — lost a set of keys. (Nor a purse or wallet for that matter.) The tasks have been far subtler, but although my desk is neat, I have a three page list of to-dos that I just keep ‘forgetting’ to do.

I feel this is related to my last ritual. More on that later. (Blogging regularly has been one of those unfinished tasks.)

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