Ritual Notes: Full Moon in Pisces

With the moon’s soft radiance illuminating this sign’s energy, it looks like we’ve opened the ‘basement’ of the Universe to let the light in. This is a time for erratic emotions, intense emotions, and sudden flashes of understanding of karmic ties. Taking place in practical, service-oriented Virgo, it means that the positive directing of this energy is towards our relationships to others. We’re in the midst of the harvest (less than a week until Mabon), working hard to get the fruits and vegetables preserved and stored so we won’t starve during the winter. We don’t have time for worrying about anything other than our community.

This is a configuration of doubled polarity – sun/moon and Pisces [water]/ Virgo [earth]. There is a strong tension here between self-sufficiency and self-sacrifice as well as between the practical physical and unreasonable emotions. So I see a likelihood of challenges or changes on the emotional level in response to dependencies, fears, restlessness, indecision, or disillusionment.

I know what kind of ritual I would do if it were just the coven, but with the class participating, I have to go in a whole new direction, a safer one. Because the energy of this FMR is that of healing emotions, past transgressions, and old wounds and that is too intense for a new class (give it six months, though, and they’ll be happy to dive right in).

So we’ll be holding a releasing negativity ritual. Its one two of my coven mates wrote a number of years ago, and its quite simple. We create sacred space, relax and clear our minds, then ask to ‘see’ what we no longer need, what is holding us back, what it is time to release. Then we dump it into the bowl of water and out of us. (The water later goes down the drain, releasing the bad vibes harmlessly.)

(In case you were wondering, the coven would do either a ritual connecting us, heart to heart – Pisces loves that – or one where we do a fairly intensive review of our inner landscapes, looking for negative ties and dealing with them. The class is made up of wonderful people, but we don’t know each other well enough, yet, for me to take them on a dark journey.)

In general, it’s a good time to let go of mundane issues, work, and relax the mind. I intend to do some extra creative things during the three days of the full moon (the 14th, 15th, and 16th), and am mulling over how to work in some heart chakra exercises. The chakra work will likely focus on the ‘upper’ half of the heart-throat-third eye-crown energy points, connecting me more directly with others and revealing positive ways I can be of service to the larger community.

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