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UPDATE: Spellcraft has, sadly, gone defunct. The article is now available through my “Writings” page.

Spellcraft magazine is ‘the ultimate guide to magick in the southern hemisphere’ and the Spring 2008 issue (#10) features an entire section on cyber witch. I’ve got an article in there about Pagan Schooling Online (page 20). I’ve always liked this magazine (this is my third article/working with them in as many years) amd feel its one of the best pagan magazines available — even if everything is ‘backwards’! 🙂

Go check it out:

3 thoughts on “Published in Spellcraft!

  1. lisa Post author

    If you need the contact info, or an introduction to, their editor, just let me know. (I’m going for a record for most-often-used commas in a single sentence.) She (that’s her name, not just a pronoun) is a wonderful lady.

  2. Calliope

    😆 It’s not backwards to me! Congratulations! I’m glad to hear you are in there, Spellcraft is a great magazine. It will be wonderful to read the article.

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