A Beauty Test

A few years back I was a subscriber to O Magazine, Oprah’s monthly feel-good product. There was usually one item each month I was glad I found, an article, recipe, or piece of advice I could use. After a couple of years I realized that one item a month wasn’t worth the subscription, so I cancelled it.

One article (back in 2008) I found was Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Beauty Test.  I thought I’d take it from time to time and see how (if) my attitude changes. (The previous version was in my hardcopy journal.) Here goes:

Part 1:Looking Beautiful

  1. Circled #9 (far right)
  2. Circled #6
  3. I am happy with the way my face looks: 5
  4. There is nothing I would change (about my face): 6
  5. I am happy with the skin on my face: 6
  6. I am happy with my hair: 6

score: 35

Part II: Feeling Beautiful

  1. I have not felt any physical pain today: 5
  2. In a typical week I don’t feel pain: 5
  3. I have the energy I need to do what I want: 6
  4. When I wake up I feel energetic: 7

score: 23

Part III: Being Beautiful

  1. In general how happy or unhappy am I? b
  2. I am satified with my life: 6
  3. If I could live my life over I would change little: 6
  4. I am very comfortable with myself: 6
  5. I perform well at many things: 6
  6. I find inner strength when I look for it: 6
  7. I believe that on some level we are all connected: 7

score: 47

Part IV: Understanding You

Pick five characteristics that describe you: independent, breadwinner, reliable, organized, caring

Pick five characteristics that describe your potential: in excellent shape, great friend, artistic, outgoing, inspiring

score: 0

Your You-Q #: 105 (out of 160, 100 is typical)

date: late March 2012

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