A few pictures from the day

Really, the only ones I took all weekend.

I find myself with a few free minutes as I wait for laundry to be done so we can pack.

So I decided to post some pics from the weekend.

First of all, allow me to present our suite at the Alexis:

The bedroom area
The bath-room

I can’t believe I’m doing this . . .

The . . . hall . . . .
The Living Room (!!!)


Yes, we had several rooms, large rooms, in our suite. We actually held our wedding rehearsal in this space. Neat, huh?

Now, just to switch it a bit, here’s what the flowers looked like, on their wat to Canlis:



And my bouquet:

the bouquet


and my groom:

(doesn’t he look handsome?)

oh, and one of me — before I got all gussied up. 🙂

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