A final ‘raspberry’ from Mercury

Not long ago, I spent a bit more than an hour creating a wishlist (at wishlist.com). Today I went to update it (since we got some DVDs over the weekend) and I accidentally deleted it.

You see, the were the first entry duplicated the second entry, so I deleted the first entry, not realizing it was a listing for the ENTIRE wishlist. Now, I think there’s some poor design on wishlist’s part, but mostly this was operator error.

I’m not sure I have the energy to recreate that list.

2 thoughts on “A final ‘raspberry’ from Mercury

  1. John

    NOOOO!!!! Dammit, that sucks.

    I’d finally even gone to look at it… well bleh.

    Mebbe we could just have wishlists at pitchwife.net? Wouldn’t have a lot of fancy features but at least it would be there.

  2. lisa Post author

    I know. By the time mercury retrograde comes to an end, I am usually just so darn TIRED it’s hard to care about anything.

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