A New Joy: Lover of Strife

I’m not much of one for celebrating a new source of reading — at least not here — but I have to rave about a new blog I just stumbled upon. Evnissyen, Lover of Strife is  A character from the epic Mabinogion, whose tendency to bash heads first and ask questions later leads to a terrible war between Britain and Ireland. Also, a modern-day, kind of high-maintenance, very male Witch from Houston, Texas. He can often be found not keeping his mouth shut and taking creative liberties with What Really Happened.

I’ve just spent two days reading his blog from the beginning (yes, it’s a bit OC, but harmless in it’s manifestation) and desperately holding back laughter. As an example:

Heat lamps on the ice sculpture of my sanity

There’s a lot of stuff in the world that makes me crazy: political corruption, religious fundamentalism, cultural homogenization, totalitarian agriculture, etc. Above and beyond, though, nothing unhinges me more than e-mails submitted through my company’s Web site that read, “I can’t figure out how to submit an e-mail through your Web site.”

or, another giggle-inducing post:

In which meanings are revealed

A local Pagan posted to one of the lists, vibrating with excitement. As her story unfolded, we learned that she’d found a shed snakeskin on her porch, and another in her backyard. Later, she spied a small garden snake curled up in the shade under a bush.

“So, what does it mean?” she asked.

“It means you’ve got snakes,” the rest of us replied.

“Well I know that,” she said, pulling off the considerable stunt of rolling her eyes through e-mail without benefit of emoticon. “But what does it mean?”

There was a brief pause as we regrouped, trying to figure out clearer ways of phrasing the words “It means you’ve got snakes.” This is one of those unfortunate contradictions in NeoPaganism. Earth Worshippers though we may be, most of us are inextrcably tied to modern civilization, dependent upon its comfortable trappings and climate-controlled environments. As such, any brush with Nature in all Her (or His, depending on your tradition) glory becomes a Deeply Significant Experience.

In reality, the grand majority of these experiences are decidedly lowercase. (read the rest)

Thank the Goddess!

2 thoughts on “A New Joy: Lover of Strife

  1. lisa Post author

    I believe you said that (or threatened to?) on your blog . . . 🙂

    I went all the way back to the beginning and laughed way too many times. People kept wondering what I could be working on that was making me so happy.

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