A year ago . . .

A year ago, J.and I had dinner with some friends and this picture was taken:

So much has changed since then, huh?

Now I’ve replaced a breast with a BLO, am regrowing hair lost in chemo, and 10 pounds heavier. I’m also a non-smoker and in better health than I have been since my 20s. I’ve learned that I am, at core, incredibly resilient.

I also learned who my friends really are and what generosity truly means.

Today I’m not packing. I’ll be doing cleaning-type things — laundry, dishes, and the bathrooms — as well as some general organizing. The weather has cooled, so it’s a pleasure to be bopping around.

4 thoughts on “A year ago . . .

  1. Lupa

    While I truly wish you hadn’t had to go through this awfulness, I am glad you’ve at least found out how tough you are. (Not that it was a huge surprise 😉 *hugs*

  2. Freda

    You may be growing your hair back, and it is a feeling I would never know, but you are alive and that is something to be happy about!
    I hope you are on the road to healthy living and being cancer-free!
    Best wishes always,


  3. lisa Post author

    Thank you!

    I am incredibly healthy. Oh, I whine a lot on this blog, but that’s what it is for, right? It’s amazing homw much my life has turned around.

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