Books I Read in 2020

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I read, A LOT. Several hours every night. I always estimated I go through about a book a day. Granted some of them are cookbooks not novels, and there is a large amount of plain ole nonfiction which isn’t a lot of *deep* reading.

Still, I read a lot. Annnnnd I’m competitive. So when a friend commented that they didn’t believe I read a book a day, I got a little motivated and started keeping track. Here then, with no comment, is what i read in 2020.

132 Non fiction (cooking, self-help, business, [auto]biography)

73 Fantasy

41 Occult

32 Science Fiction

27 Mysteries

2 General Fiction

For a total of 306 books.

The non-fiction category further breaks down into:

10 [auto]biography

56 cooking/ food

7 gardening

26 health — including fitness, healing, and remedies

19 lifestyle — organizing, improving quality of life and self

10 travel

4 “other”

All in all, I’d say that I have fairly eclectic tastes.


1 thought on “Books I Read in 2020

  1. John

    Somebody didn’t believe you read that much?? You should have pointed them my way; as the person who does most of the library runs in this family I could have easily vouched for you. 😀

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