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How it works

Spend a day discussing hiring for a new position.

Spend a day crafting the job description and getting ‘buy in’.

Spend a few hours crafting a job posting. Make sure ad specifies three specific qualities we are looking for and the  three elements that are absolutely required to be considered.

Post the ad in two (appropriate) categories on craigslist at 6:07pm.

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It’s been a good day

Although I didn’t have a great night of sleep, I was nicely productive today. Last night (and presumably tonight) have 4 or so hours set aside for work (mundane job). Today I updated Facing North with a couple of articles and a handful of review.

This is a bit of a milestone: it’s my first (non blog) writing since a week or so pre-surgery. It felt very good to finally get my writing cap on. I’m planning on a couple of more review written each day for a few days, and another update (maybe even two) this month. I want to end this year ‘caught up’. Or at least as caught up as I can be.

An acquaintance, Evn (Lover of Strife), usually posts a Tuesday (movie) Trivia, but a bad case of food poisoning kept him from doing so. I had a flash of creativity and came up with my own trivia questions, and offered them to him. He said yes, so now I’m running a trivia game through another person’s blog. (It’s in the comments for “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live” — feel free to join in.) I’m apparently too obscure, but then again perhaps people just haven’t noticed yet.

Yesterday I played “Return to Mysterious Island” which was fun (and is the mother of all puzzle games!) and diverting. Today I’m about 1/2 way through “Aura: Fate of Ages”. Diverting, even though the ‘character’ interaction is HORRIBLE.

A good day.

Snarking on Spam

This was caught by my (absolutely rocking) Akismet spam filter:


Did you ever think about creating your own blog? There are many great platforms, but by far the best is WordPress. It is fast to set up, however the themes just never fit my specifications. I searched for a simple solution to this problem and realized that there wasn’t one. I then had a template custom made for my needs and was so happy with the outcome. I then decided to build a website that would show the world how to easily hire an expert in wordpress design.

(link to ‘wordpress design experts”)

Because, you see . . . spam is still sent by idiots, to trap idiots.

Memo from HR

To: All Employees
From: HR

Re: New Management Style

The owner of this company has told HR to increase productivity by eliminating unproductive behaviors among employees. We have therefore developed a new mandated management style which is spelled out in the Micro Management Policy, effective immediately.

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Legal Fail

Relatively recently, FAIL Blog ™ posted a screenshot from the Guinness World Records website: “Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Act.” Which is a pretty inappropriate record to keep track of. What lifted it to the level of obscenely hilarious (and why FAILBlog shared it with the world) was the button one could click to indicate “Break this record.”

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