Divorce Survey

hey there — do me a favor and help a good friend out.

Diana Rajchel is writing a book on neopagans and divorce. She’s written a survey to collect data to be discussed in various part sof the book, and she needs people to fill out the survey.  She writes:

I am looking for divorced neopagans to participate in an intensive survey about their divorce and handparting experiences. If you live in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, I would also like to interview you on camera for an online/free release documentary on the subject. The data you share will contribute to building services for the greater neopagan community.

I do ask that you complete this Liability release before participating in the survey. You can contact me here for where to send it electronically.

Participate in the survey – open until August 31, 2010

This is an important work. Please participate and spread the word.


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