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I’m feeling relatively incoherent this morning, but I also want to write. In an attempt to not actually sabotage myself (or bore you) I’m going to share some of the items that caught my attention as I was reading my morning round up of blogs and news this morning.

I can’t decide whether this is seriously wicked activism in the style of Jonathan Swift, or just a sad commentary of our journalists (in general) and the lack of critical thinking in most of society today. To sum, an elaborate hoax created a McCain advisor who simply did not exist — but got a lot of media attention:


Tolerance is more than what we say, its what we do. Kudos to this young woman for making a point about what defines acceptable in your local community. I’m particularly shocked at the death threats. It’s all summed up in one comment from the reporter, John Kass: “That’s when you know America is truly supportive of diversity of opinion, when children must whisper for fear of being ostracized, heckled and crucifixed [because of a t shirt].”


For my daily irritation/angry-making moment, here’s the latest from the ACLU. Apparently merely showing up at a presidential speech with a car (presumably in the parking lot) counts as subversive. Or something. I would understand if they showed up in some kind of outfit that is in itself a political statement (like, blood stained polyester clothes), or carrying placards announcing their opinions for the TV crews to see. But, a bumper sticker? Please tell me the judge misunderstood. Please tell me the nightmare really is over.


DINKs turned me on to a fascinating and serious audio piece by NPRs Fresh Air. Its a revealing (and disillusioning) look at how greed became the corporate mantra. Not that surprising for this former player on Wall Street, but nonetheless, it reminds me how angry I am that so many people made so MUCH money and now the larger group is paying for their mistake. Several times over. Check out the original article and see for yourself. (It also reminds me of the picture I saw a few weeks ago of the people praying over the brass bull at the NY Stock exchange — utterly oblivious to the irony. Link to that image listed second, below.)



We live in interesting times. Now its time to get some work done.

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