Earth Hour

Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, the idea behind Earth Hour is to show how even a small conservation effort — like giving up just 60 minutes of lights — can have a big impact when a lot of people do it. The “official” action is to shut off your lights for an hour starting at 8:30pm, local time.

I’m planning to turn everything electric off. Of course, I’m also going to be out of town for the weekend (wedding in Cleveland, OH and not coincidentally raising Daystar to his 3rd*). But at 8:30pm I’ll be in a hotel room, and I intend to turn everything I can off. J. and I will just sit in the dark and giggle for awhile. (It’s a good thing he still finds me charming.)

You can pledge to participate on the Earth Hour site, either as an individual or as a group. Seattle is a participant, as are many cities in the US.

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