Facing North: A Community Resource

Facing North (facingnorth.net), soon to be one of the largest collections of reviews of neopagan/new age/spiritual books, music, and tools, is now live and available to our community.

Created by Lisa Mc Sherry, an author and professional reviewer for the past ten years, Facing North is designed to be part archival storage, part historical database, while growing ever more vital with contemporary reviews of new publications. Experienced and talented reviewers work with Ms. Mc Sherry to read, listen to, and use the creations of our community today in order to provide informed, useful guidance.

Facing North updates weekly as we achieve our next goal of 400 reviews available by Yule. Future expansions will include discussion forums, author interviews, live question-and-answer chats, and seminars with subject experts. We are particularly keen to provide increased exposure to independent artists via downloadable samples of their work and direct links to their own websites.

Please join us at facingnorth.net and share this information with anyone you think may be interested.

Website: http://www.facingnorth.net 

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