Full Moon in Capricorn (July 18, 2008)

I’m preparing for this upcoming full moon, something I rarely do unless Working with my coven or class. The planets are aligned oddly at this time with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all retrograde. It’s like our luck has turned sour, our commitments to larger endeavors is being tested and our self-reliance weakened. At least, mine has.

It seems like this is a good time to do a Working to reacquaint myself with my spiritual side. Not to renew my faith — that is ongoing and deep — but to examine the evolution of my personal values in order to strengthen them in the face of adversity.

That looks really good on paper (or in text as the case may be) but how to translate the idea to symbols so the inner child is entranced and comes out to Work (although she thinks its play when I do it right)?

One step would be to trace my values from their genesis, honoring those people along my journey who helped me ‘get right’ with the world and my Self. Remembering them with honor and thanking them for their part in my development would be an integral part of the Working. Then, I think I need to honor my SELF for having the strength to learn from adversity and to mark my successful work to release criticism and negativity (its not finished, but honoring the tremendous work done is appropriate). In doing so, I will be expressing my connectedness to and compassion for others in my life, and who have been in my life.

One physical step I feel called to enact is to indulge in a little self-care. Perhaps a mild workout (one based on stretching and isometrics rather than cardio), and then a long shower followed by a self-massage with essential oils (aromatherapy!. Gets me in my body in a positive way and out of my brooding head. (I’ve been brooding a lot lately, thanks Saturn.)

I found a fascinating essay about this full moon and its attendant energies at: http://www.astrowisdom.com/thisfullmoon.htm and I urge others to read it. It rang very true for me, and thats rare for astroscopes.

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