How we spent our day

We drove to Puyallup (Pew AL up) and back. Me twice, John three times.

The result?

Meet the newest members of our family:

Kit, a 7 mo old brown tabby (doemstic shorthair); and

Rollo, a 4 mo old all black domestic shorthair.

They are rescues from the (awesome) Wolf Pack Animal Rescue. We don’t actually have them yet, as they are due to be neutered and microchipped. We’ll pick them up after we return from our holiday the last week of the month.

Which is good, because we need to kitty-proof the home, build a dog-inaccessible place for kitty litter to live, and lay in the basic supplies.

We went looking for a companion for Sasha, but came home with cats. I couldn’t help it, they came right up to me and started ‘talking’ to me. I think our household just got a bit more interesting.

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