I forgot to mention

that I was also scheduled for an MRI yesterday.

It didn’t go so well.

The MRI went badly — I couldn’t finish it. I’d forgotten that they would have to inject me with a dye (for the contrast) and that makes a 15 min process more like 30. Mentally I could deal with that, but then my shoulder started to cramp up and I had waves of pain. . . I was working the relaxation imagery and calm breathing …like nobody’s business, all to no avail.

Moreover, the machine was unable to ‘find’ a series of images and they had to be redone, so my 15 mins of initial images turned into 30. I could NOT stand it anymore and I pulled the plug on the entire event.

But I still have to do it. I’m wondering if taking a muscle relaxant will help?

In other news, the class was fine. I’m sure you’ll be surprised that I was singled out as a leader (“But you’re so articulate!”) and have form/joined a study group.

6 thoughts on “I forgot to mention

  1. Lorena

    Muscle relaxant might help, but I’d also suggest trying hypnosis as often as you can before the procedure.

  2. Lorena

    Oh, and very much not surprised that you did well in class, were singled out as a leader, and formed a study group. 🙂

  3. lisa Post author

    I was actually trying my hypnosis ‘scenario’ while I was there. Too late, I couldn’t get on top of the pain. (Which is typical for me.) I could lessen it for a bit (it’s how I made it through the additional 15 mins while she was calibrating), but couldn’t maintain — I think I was actually hurting myself, not just uncomfortable.

  4. Lorena

    Yeah, it’s really hard to deal with pain once you are already there. Much easier to prepare beforehand. Hopefully it will be a shorter, easier session next time, and feel free to let me know when you are scheduled if some extra energy sent your way might help.

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