Manifesting — or Controlling?

Back in January I wondered aloud if I was stuck in a rut or genuinely taking advantage of the season to be quiet.

Krishanna replied:

I think in general terms, many pagans are control freaks and try to control their lives rather than accepting life on life’s terms sometimes. There is a certain magic inherent in life, I think, and if you are too busy trying to manifest or force events to happen the way you want them to play out, you miss seeing the magic and miss allowing it to work. XO~ Krishanna

I’ve been ruminating on her words ever since.

In looking back at the patterns in my life, whenever I ‘forced’ a situation – however that came about – the end result was not great. It wasn’t always catastrophic, but I can’t think of a time when it went well. I am, I have come to discover, very impatient for the stuff I want to see happen. So I tend to try and hurry things along and that is when what I am doing becomes CONTROL, not manifestation.

I’m not talking about survival spellwork here, the spells many of us have done because the situation was desperate and we needed more than a little help to get back into balance, or at least a place of security. I’m talking about the conscious manifestation of dreams and desires – the things we want that depend a great deal on others. Like making a major purchase, or retiring from the work force.

Back in January I was feeling frustrated and trapped. In another few weeks I was in sunny Mexico, reading a trilogy of books a friend had just recommended to me. I used the energy from that to reach out to a career coach to talk about the negative messages I was hearing and how to deal with them. In talking with her I realized that the negative feedback wasn’t as awful as I had first thought, and my ego got a good stroking. (It needs it, now and again.) That led to more energy and confidence overall, and one day an idea for a new book came to me.

All I had to do was wait just a bit longer.

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