Moving On, Making Changes

From the email I sent to the TBPReaders list:

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I woke up this morning and reflected on Friday the 13th – a day of lore and superstition. I am not prone to numerology, but even I know that 13 is a magical number, for so many reasons.

The Beltane Papers’ next issue, #39, is the thirteenth issue I have contributed to as the Review Circle Coordinator. After these many years it is time for me to move on to other projects. It has been a pleasure working on this publication, and particualrly in seeing this issue come together so intimately and so directly.

I will remain a devoted reader, and I look forward to seeing what the new volunteers will bring to us.
* * * * *
My decision to leave was a difficult one, but is the correct action for me at this time.

I have given my time, my money, and my best efforts to manifesting a professional, respected, organized, and useful review section for TBP over the course of many years now. In all of the areas that were under my control, I succeeded. I know that Marione was deeply pleased with my abilities and contributions. She trusted me and we worked well together. 

When I came on board TBP the review section was a random collection of writings, most of which were written by Marione and the other volunteers because there was no one else. I envisioned a circle of women that changed in personnel, but remained steady and were held to deadlines that allowed for plenty of production time in each issue. Marione had faith in my vision and my first issue as Coordinator fulfilled that goal. My next ambition was to create a website where our ‘overflow’ reviews were published. This was a direct response to our having between 50 and 75 reviews ‘on hand,’ and room for maybe 20 in each printed issue. It seemed to me that it would increase our exposure, make the website a repository of useful data, and increase the visibility of both our review circle and the artists we were discussing.  My website was hard to update, but functional and again Marione and I were pleased with the result.  It was given over to Krishanna a number of years ago, and then to Lise.

I won’t make any bones about it: Lise’s site is distressing, and has been for years. She and I don’t see eye to eye in how it should function, or its importance, and I have given up that fight. Don’t get distracted, though: it is also not the main reason I am leaving. I am leaving because Lise and I do not work well together. Marione was the buffer between us, and without her the tension is too high for me to function well within. 

I remain a subscriber of this wonderful magazine, and I have plans to support the community in the ways I know best: I am using my work to create the review site I have always wanted to create for TBP ( is the beta site).

And so, in joy and sorrow, I am closing one chapter, and opening another.

Blessed be!

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