On the way home, having turned into our complex, we were hit by another vehicle. My neck hurts. The hood  of our car is bent up on one side. No damage to the other vehicle.

A big Nissan Armada had stopped on the   of an intersection, so we stopped (prudently on *this* side of the intersection). We waited a bit (was she waiting for the garage to open to pull in? looking at directions?) and then the Armada turned its reverse lights on and began to back up.  I figured they were reversing into a side street to turn around.

Half way through the intersection I realized she was rolling all the way back and hit the horn with one long loud burst. She kept coming and before i could take my hand off the horn and get the car (remember, fully stopped on this side of the intersection) into reverse — BAM. Right into us.

This has not been a good day.

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