Storing my Stones

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I have a lot of semi-precious stones that I use for magickal purposes; I’ve been collecting them for decades.

Kept in various bowls and dishes around the home, each month I ask the stones which want to go onto my altar, and there is regular turnover. I hardly buy anything nowadays, but with age has come a terrible side effect: I am losing track of which stone is which.

It was a subtle problem, but came to a head a few months ago when I wanted to use carnelian for a task, and ended up holding a handful of red stones and having a hard time telling them apart. Now, this was solved by my asking each stone, but I won’t always have time for that, or the energy. So I needed to make a change.

So I started keeping my eye out, and found this item through the large online retailer. It was simple, and inexpensive. I don’t particularly like the plastic cover, but I can change that out for a sheet of glass, or a piece of fabric, in the future.

cat for size comparison

It’s actually a clever piece — there are two multi-segmented compartments on top and the bottom section is full of more compartments.

So I pulled out all of my stones, and made little pieces of paper.

my stones

and started writing labels.

labeling the stones

Then put them all neatly into separate compartments.

in progress

Until everything was sorted, labeled, and put away. Now I have a box, stored in the bookshelf that acts as my altar. The stones are all ready to be used as appropriate, and I know which is what!

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