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Busy, just breathing

Yesterday was a travel day, after 8 days in New York City, which came barely a week after a long weekend in Philadelphia, which came barely two weeks after a week in palm Beach, Fl.

I’m tired of traveling.

But J. and I had a lot of fun, and some posts will be coming out over the next weeks that talk about some of th ethings I saw and felt while I was out and about.

For now: I’ve re-discovered something about myself. I love to dance. Specifically, I love tribal rhythms and a complicated beat, lyrics are optional. The music at Fuerza Bruta got me wiggling as soon as I hit the dance floor, about 10 mins prior to the performance. And I basically didn’t stop for the next hour +. I don’t jump, I don’t do splits, or fancy moves, but I got a good wiggle on, and I don’t really care what I look like, I feel amazing.

I’ve been feeling an urge to dance occasionally over the last few months, but haven’t given into it . .¬†. felt too silly be-bopping around the house by myself, I guess. Now I’m thinking about trying to find music I like in Seattle and making a habit of going dancing.