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Living Frugal: Greening Our Home — Future Plans

We are planning to make a major upgrade/remodel¬†in the master bath. This is primarily because our current tub is barely four feet long and I want one we can really soak in.¬† (Yes, the impetus is purely aesthetic and absolutely not necessary.) When we do this, we’ll be working with a design/builder who is comfortable with using recycled and sustainable materials, as well as incorporating ‘green’ principles into the design.

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Living Frugal: Greening Your Condo/Apt/Townhome

We live in a town home — which in Washington is defined as a single family unit with at least one shared wall (a condo is multiple units within a single structure) — which makes ecological living more difficult. This is because we do not own the exterior of our house, need to get approval for interior changes, and don’t have our own landscape. But there are still a number of ways we’ve managed to ‘green’ our home.

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