The problem with “pinktober”

Hey folks . . . we’re about to be INUNDATED by all things “pink” in order to “raise awareness” of breast cancer. (If you don’t know, I had breast cancer and I have very strong feelings about the exploitation these pink campaigns encourage.)

Very little of the money you spend actually makes it to research. None of your money goes to helping actual people with breast cancer. The focus on women is very nearly exploitative AND ignores the very real problems with men’s breast cancer. All breasts and chests are vulnerable to this cancer.

If you really want to donate money do so directly to a charity with at least four stars rated by (link below to breast cancer specific charities).

Another way to make a difference is to volunteer with a local group. Spend time on a hotline (they’ll train you). Offer to drive patients to treatments. Help organize events. If you know someone undergoing treatment, offer to clean their home, or cook a meal.

Oh, and as a specific call out — the Susan G. Komen group is huge, and a major crap group. They market themselves — heavily — as research-oriented, but only about 19% of the money raised goes to research. The rest supports the administration and marketing efforts. I (and others) feel that we are long past the point of needing to “raise awareness” about any kind of cancer.

We need to fund cancer research now, for the future.

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