Time Machine: 11/11 (Tarot Reading)

I was talking with my friend B. and he asked if I’d done a tarot reading about my situation. “Oh yes,” I said, “and I got bubkus. Nada. Chaos. I know it’s often tough to read for oneself, but I really got zip.”

“What did you ask?” he reasonably wondered.

“Um. Well, I couldn’t come up with a specific question, so I just asked what I need to know.”

“I’m going to leave the fact that you couldn’t think of a question for you to work on later, Ms. Psyche. But . . . let me get this straight. You’re in the middle of a crazy, mixed-up situation and you asked a really general question, of a very open-to-interpretation divination tool¬† . . . and you got chaos?”

“Well, when you put it like that . . .”

So, I went upstairs and online. B. was still on the phone and he’ll verify what happened. I went to facade.com, chose ‘tarot’ and asked “should I reconstruct my breast?” (I believe I even made a ‘joke’¬† . . . you want me to be more specific? how about absolutely specific?)

The universe is a wonderful place, and it WILL answer when you ask. (One just doesn’t always hear or understand the answer . . . but that is another post.)

Celtic Cross, Rider Waite, no reversals or significator:

The card not shown but at the center of the cross, represents the atmosphere surrounding the central issue. Six of Wands (Victory): A sense of honor and satisfaction at the resolution of an important matter. Triumph after great struggle. Jubilation at the hearing of good news. The realization of hopes and desires.

The card visible at the center of the cross represents the obstacle that stands in your way – it may even be something that sounds good but is not actually to your benefit. The Emperor: Worldly authority and power. Social mastery and oratory. One who is intelligent, experienced, confident and reasonable. A patriarch or primary male influence. The motive force of politics and society. The ability to fulfill plans and use mental control over the emotions.

The card at the top of the cross represents your goal, or the best you can achieve without a dramatic change of priorities. Six of Swords (Science): Trusting in intelligence and intuition and setting off into the unknown. Leaving an untenable situation and charting a new course. Passage from difficulty and progress towards a solution. The road to recovery. Travel and exploration.

The card at the bottom of the cross represents the foundation on which the situation is based. The High Priestess: A pure, exalted and gracious influence. Education, knowledge, wisdom, and esoteric teachings. The forces of nature. Intuition, foresight, and spiritual revelation of the most mysterious and arcane sort.

The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. The Star: New hopes and splendid revelations of the future. Insight, inspiration, courage and enlightenment of the spiritual self. Body and mind and converging towards the light at the end of a dark time.

The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced. The Chariot: Victory through might. Advancement through bold action. Change through force. Order established through vigilance. A trying situation mastered by balancing opposing forces against each other. Discipline, individual effort and endurance will turn the tide.

The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude. Eight of Wands (Swiftness): A sudden release of raw power, cutting through confusion and indecision, and setting things in motion. Rapid progress towards a desired goal, brought about by immediate and decisive action. Boldness and daring in love, business, travel, or spiritual growth.

The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Queen of Pentacles: The essence of earth behaving as water, such as a hot spring: A warm and generous host, providing shelter and comfort for all who would seek it. A person steadfast, practical, and domestic, able to create opulence and stability in any setting. The qualities of maturity and sensibility, coupled with an innate appreciation for nature and the material world.

The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. Seven of Pentacles (Assessment): A pause to check on the progress of your labors. Making difficult financial decisions. Exercising patience and perseverance. Evaluating the status of your work and your options for the future.

The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. Knight of Pentacles: The essence of earth behaving as fire, such as molten magma: One slow to action, but decisive and unrelenting once set in motion. A force of nature whose methods are as predictable and dependable as they are unstoppable. The voice of duty, honor, and responsibility. The will to the change the world, not through bold action, but through the thorough and unwavering application of proven means.

I think the reading stands for itself. A key for me was in the final card: the thorough and unwavering application of proven means. That meant doing what everyone was recommending: get the reconstruction. (I learned a lot from the other cards about the journey, but that sentence was *the* answer.)

Just because I was feeling fey, I then asked for a rune reading.

Single rune, gold runes:

The rune represents the critical factor in the issue at hand. Tyr is the symbol of the warrior. This rune most represents masculine force and potency, and frequently victory in battle. Beware though, for this rune represents directly the Norse god whose name it bears – Tyr stands out in legend for having sacrificed his hand that he might bind Fenrir, a monstrous wolf that threatens to swallow the world. As such, this rune is known to portend a great victory that can be bought with a terrible sacrifice. Tyr is also the god of law, frequently placed in such position above Odin. In this aspect, protection of justice may be had by this rune.

The bolded text is my emphasis.

Magick works, kids. Ask and ye shall be answered.

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