Tolerance and Mediocrity: Further Thoughts

We’re onto the next stageof hiring, having gleaned our 10 candidates from the 130 resumes sent in. (Yay me for predicting accurately.) I have a few more thoughts to share with job seekers.

1. If the job posting says ‘please, no calls’ then do not call to arrange to ‘stop by’ to drop off your resume or ask about the job or in any way circumvent my hiring process. You will not get into to see me. If you succeed in tricking me or my people and do get in to see me, I will so thoroughly resent your wasting my time I will immediately tell you no. I might even specifically say that your unwillingness to follow direction makes you a poor candidate.

2. Please, by anything you hold dear, think about your email address. When I am reviewing 100+ resumes, obvious things become thumbs up/thumbs down criteria. “Lifeisgreat@ . . .” or “leolover@. . .”  or “wintermistake@. . .” do not impress me.  I have a hard time thinking of you as a serious person. It is the simplest thing to get a hotmail or other free account to use for job searches.

3. If you are called for a phone interview, make sure that if you are not there a message can be left. One of my candidates wasn’t interviewed because everytime we called the number given, no message could be left.

4. (Although this is really 3a.) If you are called to set up a phone interview, respond within 48 hours.

5. (Although this is really 3b.) If you set up a time for a phone interview do not take any other calls during that time frame.

6. When you go for a face-to-face interview, be prepared to ask questions. Here’s a hint: if the interviewer answered all of your questions as a natural part of the meeting (something I’m frequently told) then ask a clarifying question. “I know you mentioned that the work hours are 8-5, are there times when I might have to come in early or work late?” Gosh golly, you just showed me you listen and can ask relevant questions.

7. Also when you go in for an interview, its nice if you bring another copy of your resume, but don’t expect it to be taken. We have printers, too. That said, definitely, absolutely, bring a copy of your references with contact information. Oh, and if you have a work history of more than two jobs, your references should be *work* references, not the man who built your house.

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