What Saturday July 10th looks like for me

6am — Sasha wakes me up

6:45 — plan day

7am-10am — paint the hall woodwork (doorways, baseboards)

10:30 — aqua aerobics

12 — remove hat hooks in hall; spackle holes; pack hats

2pm — put finals on LR curtain rods

2:30 — take Sasha to lake for a swim

4pm — get ready for coworker’s wedding reception

5:30 — feed Sasha; drive into Seattle for reception

8:30 — leave reception

9pm — walk Sasha; change clothes, relax before bed

10pm — go to bed

Somewhere in there is breakfast (cold cereal with blueberries) and lunch (I have no idea; we don’t have sandwich makings or leftovers. I may have to stop in at the grocery store after aqua aerobics).

Busy day, in very humid weather. All because J. is traveling and I am alone (wail!) Theoretically, however, it will mean that tomorrow I only have laundry, cleaning, and writing (blog posts!) to do.

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