Yule Ritual

My ritual was quiet, both in feeling and after effect.

Each season I ‘switch’ my altar around. This is not a huge affair, but a cleansing of the tools and a switch of the altar cloth to one that reflects the season. For winter it is a silk square (about 32″ on a side) with an intricate brown/gold pattern on a cream background. It has a vaguely Arts and Crafts feel.

(As a contrast, my Autumn cloth is a dark blue scarf (about 36″ square) with a blue/purple/green pattern on it.)

Mercury (a statue) indicated that He wished to be in the center of my altar, so I complied. My iron cauldron and athame share the center with Him. My wand and candle lie to the South, chalice in the West, my pentacle (a slab of sliced agate about 6″ in diameter) in the North and the incense holder in the East. My jaguar statue chose to sit atop the pentacle, facing South. Also on the altar is a wooden box containing a few items related to some spellwork that is coming to a close soon.

After arranging the altar, I doused the lights and began.

Calling the circle brought a hush to the house, as is usual. I couldn’t even hear the typical nioses from the neighborhood — the sound of the rain deepened and filled the air. The elements of the south were unhappy about not being represented except through my wand, a quirk of the energy taht doesn’t always come up.

Speaking with the God/dess (or, listening to Him and Her) was moving. I was reminded of the turn of the seasons and their effect within me. A year ago I decided to further some small changes, and they brought amazing and profound changes in my life. This Yule I considered those changes and contemplated what still needs to evolve.

A strong sense of calm filled me, and stayed with me (even to now).

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