2019 Goal: Top 100 Sci-Fi Novels Update #3

I had a bit of a hiatus on posting my updates, and (frankly) have been reading loads of book that are not on these lists. (The utterly perfect Pliocene and Galactic Milieu books by Julian May for example.) But I have made a few more ticks on the list.

Five more novels read, bringing my total to thirty. Here’s what I thought of them:

Ancillary Justice Leckie, Ann Fascinating premise, and I especially loved the beginning. Good world-building.
The Children of Men James, P.D. Dystopian to the max, I loathed the protagonist but found the story intriguing.
Frankenstein Shelley, Mary Maybe the first sci fi novel of all time, the framing is a bit ponderous. The tale itself is heartbreaking.
Redshirts Scalzi, John WAAAAAAY too ‘concept’ for my taste.
Survival Czerneda, Julie Must survival require other’s extinction?  Well done, and interesting (although I like other books by the author more).

On my current pile is A Canticle for Leibowitz and Binti.

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