A Word or Two About Evolution

A few weeks ago I posted about how I’d spent a long time revising some of the Art of Ritual lessons.

When I shared the news with the coven, I also shared this:

100s of hours later . . . the tarot lesson is completely revised. In looking back, I made it extra tough on myself and it took basically throwing out the original lesson before I could start over (again) and make it so much better.

Which is important for y’all to know: NO LESSON is sacrosanct. everything can be improved, and should be as it warrants. One of the core — foundational — elements of JaguarMoon is that this is a living tradition. It must evolve and grow and change with the needs of its members, students, and society.No word written must stay if we come to understand that there is a better word to replace it.

Those words aren’t just blowing smoke: I truly believe there is no thing we teach, or share, that is untouchable or unalterable. I believe that this is a source of strength for us, that we are willing to alter not just ourselves but our methods and modes in order to present the work in the best way possible.

A core principle of being a witch is that we take responsibility for our selves and our actions. A corollary principle is that we strive to be better throughout our lives. If we are not stagnant, then our work, that which we put into the world must also evolve. I mean . . . I wrote good rituals in my 20s, but what I do now is so much better you wouldn’t think it is the same person. (And, I’m not, not really. But that is a whole other post.) So too the lessons I developed 20 years ago are fine, but if I can go into them and revise them to be better, I must.


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