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Going on in the Background

This year seems to be focusing on life changes in and around work. It’s pretty stressful and I don’t want to talk about it yet — so I’ve been quiet.

But I have been busy with personal projects, notably re-working a number of Art of Ritual lessons that were bugging me. In this case, bugging means that they were fundamentally fine lessons, but flawed. I knew they could be better, but didn’t have a sense of how to make them better.

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The Art of Ritual Class has begun!

It makes me so VERY happy to announce that the Art of Ritual class has started a new year!

With a much-revised lesson plan that takes advantage of new technologies as well as recent research on adult learners, this year-long class is even better than before. And it was great before.

This class will be giving me a lot of feedback and helping me refine our processes. We’ve got ten students from all over the world: Japan, Canada, South Africa, and the United States. I’m incredibly pleased at how well our re-launch has happened.

I look forward to mini reports during the year!